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IMSO is not just one game, it’s a whole gaming universe –
powered by Unreal Engine, Unity and the blockchain.
IMSO Chimp Champions is a Battle Arena Fighting Game set at the beginning of the IMSO story. Alien clones are using their chimp robots for action, fun and competitive fighting.

And of course, you’ll get to play as your Meta Chimp Champion.

Let Chris walk you through the current Beta version in the video above. It will be downloadable for IMSO holders shortly.

News & Alpha

Convert your $Spring to $Rain

Convert your $Spring to $Rain

For all holders of Offspring token: Please go to (external link to our partner Strata) in order to convert your $SPRING to $RAIN. The Offspring token has been replaced by Rain Token as the official ecosystem currency of the IMSO universe.

Meta Chimps OG Edition SOLD OUT & on Magic Eden

Meta Chimps OG Edition SOLD OUT & on Magic Eden

We just finished minting our OG Meta Chimps and now they're available on Magic Eden. This now sets off the countdown for the very affordable Meta Chimp Standard Edition of 4050 NFTs. Stay tuned, we'll announce the mint time and place soon!

3D NFT Customizer Online!

We are proud to present an experience that is a true novelty in blockchain utility. The Beta version of our Customizer is now online and can be used by anyone owning our Meta Chimp Champions NFT. You can customize your NFT...

Demo Download coming this week!

Downloadable demo coming in hot! Learn more about the constant improvements of the game mechanics in this 7 min in-game update video.