Meta Chimp Champions NFT released!


IMSO is a revolutionary play-to-earn blockchain gaming project.
Our goal is to raise the bar in blockchain gaming while providing fun and memorable experiences for our NFT holders.

We offer playable NFTs capable of traveling across multiple games and metaverses – and soon, even different blockchains.

News & Alpha

Convert your $Spring to $Rain

Convert your $Spring to $Rain

For all holders of Offspring token: Please go to (external link to our partner Strata) in order to convert your $SPRING to $RAIN. The Offspring token has been replaced by Rain Token as the official ecosystem currency of the IMSO universe.

Meta Chimps OG Edition SOLD OUT & on Magic Eden

Meta Chimps OG Edition SOLD OUT & on Magic Eden

We just finished minting our OG Meta Chimps and now they're available on Magic Eden. This now sets off the countdown for the very affordable Meta Chimp Standard Edition of 4050 NFTs. Stay tuned, we'll announce the mint time and place soon!

3D NFT Customizer Online!

We are proud to present an experience that is a true novelty in blockchain utility. The Beta version of our Customizer is now online and can be used by anyone owning our Meta Chimp Champions NFT. You can customize your NFT...

Demo Download coming this week!

Downloadable demo coming in hot! Learn more about the constant improvements of the game mechanics in this 7 min in-game update video.


NFT Release Dates

Overlords: January 14th 2022
Chimps: March 7th 2022

Gaming Environment

See Game Demo
Play 2 Earn,
Multiple games across Unity & Unreal Engine // Metaverse integration
(e.g. openGalaxy & Akasha)


Rational AF LLC


Solana with future interoperability in mind
(i.e. DOT/ENJ)

Our Mission:

To offer the first blockchain-agnostic NFT avatars, primed for gameplay across multiple games and metaverses.

To develop multi-platform experiences with our community & partners – in an open & transparent process.

What enables us to achieve all of that?

Our Expertise & Reputation

Unlike many NFT projects, our fully doxxed TEAM does not hide behind avatars and pseudonyms. We are a US-based company comprised of specialists with a shared vision.

Our team is spearheaded by our founder Chris Reeves. Chris is a competitive gamer, hardware technology specialist and professional market analyst with 7 years of blockchain experience.

The IMSO Universe + Strategic Partnerships

The IMSO Universe + Strategic Partnerships
The bedrock of the IMSO gaming ecosystem is its remarkable STORY concept, wherein a group of stranded alien overlords were forced to evolve chimps into humans in an effort to save their own species from extiction.

This story will spread over a large time span, with additional subplots being unveiled across multiple genres of gameplay.

IMSO also extends to multiple metaverses via strategic partnerships, incl. openGalaxy, the most ingenious and ambitious multichain metaverse we’ve ever encountered.

An Exceptional Community

Rational AF has forged relationships across the Solana, Ethereum and substrate blockchains that are hard to match. This empowers us to create the first truly open-ended multiverse experience.

Our COMMUNITY consists of 7k+ members and hosts daily meetups on the Clubhouse platform.

Concept Demo for Game #1

In this video, Chris demonstrates some conceptual thoughts and mechanics of our first Play2Earn game within the IMSO ecosystem.

Early Access NFTs

Right now, there are two direct ways of early access to the IMSO ecosystem:

Meta Chimp Champions NFT

More Info + Mint Link!

A generative NFT collection of 3,333 playable Chimp NFTs, giving you access to all the Play 2 Earn games in the IMSO ecosystem and much more.

Meta Overlords
NFT collection

Secondary Market: Magic Eden
A limited Collection of 500 NFTs giving you
premium access to every IMSO release, incl. early beta access to multiple Play2Earn games. The Meta Overlords also feature hand drawn artwork in 5K resolution + a ton of airdrops, utilities and bonuses.

Story Outline

Long ago, there was an alien species that had reached the pinnacle of its evolution.

Their civilization was built on cooperation and order. This was possible because they had evolved beyond ego.

Over the course of their evolution, the females had developed an acute …

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sense of efficiency. Thus, they were burdened with governing, sustaining life, and propagating their species.

The males of the species were segmented into two types: Concubines and Gatherers.

Females used Concubines to procreate and run their society, while the Gatherers roamed the galaxies mining resources.

Our story follows a few of these gatherers, who spent their lives traveling to distant worlds to mine resources, relaying them back to their planet like a honey bee collecting pollen.

The beings’ affinity for science and math grew stronger with each new age. They had created a perfect system – until one particular expedition went terribly wrong.

An incalculable accident had destroyed the intergalactic gateway they used for space travel. Stranded in a familiar galaxy known as the “Milky Way”, they began scanning for their three most sought after resources: water, gold and oxygen.

They found a planet that was overflowing with these resources – but they were too far from home. The beings needed to find a way to utilize the planet’s resources in a way that would enable them to access the intergalactic gateway again.

For this, they would have to work together under the lead of a select few, who would unite them under a singular purpose. They discovered a suitable life form and began teaching it new skills. Over time, they would cultivate a new species from this existing one. They would eventually come to call this planet Earth, and the species they started cultivating from would be known as Chim-Pan-Zee.


Chris Reeves

Project Director

Founder of Rational AF,
financial literacy educator,
market analyst & trader

CH: @bitcoin_is_king

Alexander Suchy

Creative Director

Creative Strategist

CH: @alexsuchy

Scott Cromie

Lead Developer

Full Stack and Blockchain Developer

CH: @scromie

Joules Magus

Lead Project Manager

Event Producer, Performance Artist, Twitch Streamer


Saeed Noor

Blockchain Game Developer

Developer Games, Tech Art, Blockchain, Unreal, Unity, VR, Web 3.0

IG: @psyidnoor

Bernard Addo

3D Artist

Visual illustrator, Photographer, Videographer

IG: @bernardvaddo

Teri Garrett

Community Advocate

Community builder,
NFT educator, award winning sales leader

CH: @terig

Lake Ensley

Whale relations, alpha advisor

Nft Degen

CH: @confusername

Brooke J Lacey

Social Media Evangelist

Crypto Influencer, NFT/crypto regulation lobbying consultant

CH: @brookejlacey

Alexander Gellner

Meta Overlord Illustrator

Creative Director

Insta: @gellnerism

Details & FAQ

How can I acquire one of your NFTs?
You need a Solana wallet like Phantom or Solflare. Transfer your SOL to the address of that wallet and then connect it to one of our minting pages. In case you need more detailed instructions, please ask us in the Rational AF public Discord or in one of our daily Clubhouse rooms.
Is it possible to get a refund on your NFTs?

Due to immutable blockchain technology refunds on blockchain purchases are not available. However, you can always sell your NFT at

Why did you choose Solana for your project?
Most importantly for applications with a high data throughput like gaming: the performance (up to 50,000 transactions per second) and immutability.

Also: it’s not limited by solidity, the rust programming language allows for robust applications that are much more scalable.

Rust can also compile down to more complex languages.

Last but not least, Solana was developed with sustainabilty experts and is very energy efficient.

All of that makes Solana the best choice (by far) for high performing, interoperable and sustainable blockchain applications.

How do you make NFTs work across different games and metaverses?
We allow the collection token lists to be used within multiple web3 environments and we are also creating FBX models of our 3D avatars that are usable across the two most prominent game engines, Unitiy & Unreal Engine.
How is it possible that NFTs can travel across different blockchains?
Through using bridges and wrapping techniques being introduced by the substrate blockchain network.
Will there be an ITO or token sale for OFF$PRING?

There is an ITO right now, you can buy OFF$PRING token from a dedicated comunity fund HERE (external link to Strata).

The OFF$PRING Tokenomics also include a 5% seed. At this time, we are considering bids and offers from interested entities. For more information, suggestions or bids, please contact

How do I get in touch with you if I have more questions?
You can shoot an email to It may however be quicker to ask one of our team or community members in the Rational AF public Discord or in one of our daily Clubhouse rooms.


The Rational As Fuck Clubhouse community is well known for educating people in financial literacy and blockchain tech, as well as publicly exposing scams.

Our venture into the NFT space is also designed to be a public learning experience. We have live video streams and rooms on Clubhouse almost every day, and you are sincerely invited to come talk to us.

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