The Story Of Human Evolution
unfolds in December 2021

Internal Preview

This website is a members only WIP,
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IMSO is a revolutionary NFT art & gaming project,
combining a remarkable story & pioneering technology:
NFTs capable of traveling across different blockchains.

Story Tech & Features

Team & Roadmap

Early Access NFTs


The Story

A long time ago, a space ship landed on planet earth. It carried some of the best and the brightest of a far advanced alien civilzation, threatend by extincion.

Using resources that can only be found on earth, their mission was to mine them and bring them back home in order to build a device that would ensure their survival.

Eventually they had to realize that they will not be able to make it home in time, if ever. In the midst of this realization, one of the alien scientists noticed genetic congruencies with one of earths life forms.

So in the face of extinction, they had to consider an alternative plan to save their species – or at least parts of it.

For now, we will leave it at that, Welcome to ImSoNFT, full story reveal coming soon!


& Features

1st NFTs for Sale

Mid December 2021

Game Genre / Engines

Multiple Genres on Unity & Unreal


Rational AF LLC


Mint on Solana / Interoperable with …

Each overlord will represent an in game avatar that has specific traits/abilities to facilitate it or it’s minions in battle.

All minions and NPC will come in the form of a generative art collection that ties directly to the overlords procreation goals, these will be the additional inhabitants that make up the environments they are used in while engaging in our multi-platform experience.

Enough said, for now….




For the community!
We like to have fun and do meaningful perspective shifting things in a friendly, fun, and positive manner. We want to pay tribute to the leaders who’ve given us this space to operate inside of.

Your Role

Collect our other NFTs to get raffled into drawings that allows you BETA access to the game variants and an airdrop from the first generative art collection that follows the Overlords release.

The Mission

To intertwine with a new Metaverse coming to Solana and be the first blockchain agnostic in game NFT characters to span across multiple ecosystems.

Team & Roadmap

Early Access NFTs

Early Access NFTs

All owners of the Fox/King NFT’s receive member exclusive access to a private RAF server, an airdrop of MFER tokens when released on Solana and will also be raffled for Chimp drops, these will have a 45% probability of winning a raffle ticket for the Chimp whitelist airdrop. (1 in 2 has a 90% probability of receiving a chimp airdrop)

All Solcandy owner will be entitled to the initial voting rights along with the fox/kings and also have royalties and percentages donated to the RAF DAO and Charities chosen, they also introduce the first voting mechanism we use for the DAO and have a 24.5% probability each of winning a raffle ticket for the whitelist of the Chimp airdrops. (1 in 4 should technically be chosen for a raffle)


Utility & Early Access

  • Create Royalties for the Community and Charities.
  • Introduce voting rights to the community.
  • Raffle for Chimp drops + much more coming.

Utility & Early Access

  • Exclusive Discord
  • Community Collaborations
  • Special Independent airdrops.

WIP – Much More To Come

As stated above, the current status of this website is a work in progress for team members only. More content will be added (Tech Specifics & Features, Team Members, Roadmap, Community, Testimonials, …), existing content will be changed an improved.

Anyone who has access to this preview website has our trust and is asked not to share any of the information given with a third party.