Meta Overlord NFTs

A limited Collection of 500 NFTs giving you
premium access to every IMSO release, incl. early beta access to multiple Play2Earn games.

Each Meta Overlord NFT comes with hand-drawn art in 5K resolution + a ton of airdrops, utilities and OFF$PRING token bonuses (details below.)

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There are two kinds of Meta Overlord NFTs for you to get:

Meta Overlords

470 Meta Overlord NFTs incl. 1 Chimp NFT as an air drop and a bonus of 1 Mio OFF$PRING Token.

Secondary market:
Magic Eden

Price: check Magic Eden
(Link opens new tab)

Leaders & Mission Squad

30 special NFTs with up to 8 Chimp NFTs included as air drops and bonuses up to 25 Mio OFF$PRING Token.


Price: 6 – 25 SOL
(Link opens IMSO Holaplex Store in new tab)

News & Alpha

Convert your $Spring to $Rain

Convert your $Spring to $Rain

For all holders of Offspring token: Please go to (external link to our partner Strata) in order to convert your $SPRING to $RAIN. The Offspring token has been replaced by Rain Token as the official ecosystem currency of the IMSO universe.

Meta Chimps OG Edition SOLD OUT & on Magic Eden

Meta Chimps OG Edition SOLD OUT & on Magic Eden

We just finished minting our OG Meta Chimps and now they're available on Magic Eden. This now sets off the countdown for the very affordable Meta Chimp Standard Edition of 4050 NFTs. Stay tuned, we'll announce the mint time and place soon!

3D NFT Customizer Online!

We are proud to present an experience that is a true novelty in blockchain utility. The Beta version of our Customizer is now online and can be used by anyone owning our Meta Chimp Champions NFT. You can customize your NFT...

Demo Download coming this week!

Downloadable demo coming in hot! Learn more about the constant improvements of the game mechanics in this 7 min in-game update video.

What you get

Every Overlord NFT includes all of the following features and utilities:

Your Artwork

Your Meta Overlord is a unique hand-drawn digital illustration in 5K resolution (scroll down for full resolution sample).

Placeholder NFTs for Chimp Airdrop

Every Overlord comes with one or more playable Chimp NFTs (worth 3 SOL each).

These Chimps will be airdropped in Early March and give you access to our games.

Your 3D Overlord Avatar

In April 2022, you’ll also get your 3D Overlord NFT airdropped. This will enable you to explore our partner metaverses with your Overlord as an avatar.

Clones will come with a renaming feature.

Offspring Token

Your Crypto Currency

Depending on rank, each Meta Overlord NFT comes with a certain amount of OFF$PRING Token that will automatically be sent to your Solana wallet.

Beta Access to our first game and more games to come

Coming in Q1 2022. this 3D battle arena fighting game will tell the early history and development of the IMSO storyline.

Early Access to Token Staking

1.) Overlord minters receive a daily token bonus for minting and holding their NFTs until the mini game launch.

2.) Chimp minters receive a 2x staking reward for the first 30 days. Holders receive a daily staking reward as well until the mini game launch.

Beta Access to openGalaxy + exclusive access to presale whitelist

Our partner openGalaxy is the most ambitious & far developed project in blockchain gaming.

Discord Privileges

Overlord owners get their own Overlord role in our Discord and have access to exclusive behind the scenes material.

Full Resolution
Art Sample

( mobile phone users,
feel free to zoom in )

Rarities & Extras


are unique characters with phenotypical similarity to (crypto) leaders of our time.


come with:
8 Chimp NFT Airdrops
25,000,000 OFF$PRING


are unique commanding officers, one of each class. Clones were made from them as they’re exemplary beings.


come with:
3 Chimp NFT Airdrops
6,000,000 OFF$PRING

Mission Squad

are unique characters spread across all classes and around the world. Some are glimpsing into the future.


come with:
2 Chimp NFT Airdrops
3,000,000 OFF$PRING

Mender Clones

are clones of the mending commander, distinguished by their unique body tattoo combination.


come with:
1 Chimp NFT Airdrop
1,000,000 OFF$PRING

Engineer Clones

are clones of the engineering commander, distinguished by their unique body tattoo combination.


come with:
1 Chimp NFT Airdrops
1,000,000 OFF$PRING

Creator Clones

are clones of the creation commander, distinguished by their unique body tattoo combination.


come with:
1 Chimp NFT Airdrops
1,000,000 OFF$PRING

Guardian Clones

are clones of the guardian commander, distinguished by their unique body tattoo combination.


come with:
1 Chimp NFT Airdrop
1,000,000 OFF$PRING

Character Classes


use science and nature to heal and create things that are so advanced they appear to be magic.


use technology & science to build weapons and equipment for survival and success.


rely on strength and charisma to lead and provide. They protect, they collect and they help creators build. They are the driving force of labor and workload required for an advanced species to thrive and explore the galaxies.


create and design, they solve problems and provide structure for evolution and growth.


can’t reproduce and are an emergency measure to temporarily increase work force.

You can find out more about the IMSO project and the team behind it on our main page.

If you have further questions, please come and find us on our Discord(s) or join us on Clubhouse (see links above). We’re looking forward to seeing you there =)

In case those are not comfy options for you, you can also shoot us an email to

The Rational AF Clubhouse community is well known for educating people in financial literacy and blockchain tech, as well as publicly exposing scams.

Our venture into the NFT space is also designed to be a public learning experience. We have live video streams and rooms on Clubhouse almost every day, and you are sincerely invited to come talk to us.

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