Convert your $Spring
to $Rain

For all holders of Offspring token:

Please use the linked service below to convert your $SPRING to $RAIN. The Offspring token has been replaced by Rain Token as the official ecosystem currency of the IMSO universe.

(external link to our exchange partner STRATA)

NFTs & Token

These are your blockchain-powered treasures
to access the IMSO ecosystem and to interact within it.
IMSO Meta Chimps

Meta Chimps

An NFT collection of 4711 unique playable Chimp NFTs, which you can customize in 3D, play and earn crypto with.

Meta Overlords NFT (SOLD OUT!)

A limited Collection of 500 NFTs giving you premium access to every IMSO release + the highest staking rewards.

They also come with hand-drawn artwork in 5K resolution + a ton of bonuses.

Buy on Magic Eden
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RAIN Token

RAIN Token is a crypto currency especially made for gaming. It is part of the Raindrops protocol, which enables players to earn and save across different games and environments.

Composability at its best: one currency to play them all.

And you can exchange it for Solana, of course.