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Customizer Online

The first of its kind!TRY IT

Game Demo Available

Test our current Beta!DEMO DOWNLOAD

IMSO is the very first blockchain project
offering NFTs that you can 3D-CUSTOMIZE

Our NFTs are designed to work across multiple play-to-earn games, metaverses, and eventually even different blockchains.


Trailer – IMSO in 60 seconds

Customizer Online

The first of its kind!TRY IT

Game Demo Available

Test our current Beta!DEMO DOWNLOAD

Our Mission

To develop novel, unique utility and fun multi-platform experiences in an open and transparent community environment.

To offer truly blockchain-agnostic NFT avatars, primed for gameplay across multiple games and metaverses.

News & Alpha

The IMSO Story

Our story combines SciFi and Fantasy with the history of human evolution.

This allows us to create infinite substories and games across all genres and aesthetics.

Whether it’s historic real-time strategy or trippy arcade action – whatever our community DAO votes for – we can integrate it into our overarching meta story.

Who knows – at some point, the alien overlords may even fall in love with their own creation.

NFTs & Token

These are your blockchain-powered treasures
to access the IMSO ecosystem and to interact within it.
IMSO Meta Chimps

Meta Chimps

An NFT collection of 2022 unique playable Chimp NFTs, which you can customize in 3D, play and earn crypto with.

Meta Overlords NFT (SOLD OUT!)

A limited Collection of 500 NFTs giving you premium access to every IMSO release + the highest staking rewards.

They also come with hand-drawn artwork in 5K resolution + a ton of bonuses.

Buy on Magic Eden
More Info

RAIN Token

RAIN Token is a crypto currency especially made for gaming. It is part of the Raindrops protocol, which enables players to earn and save across different games and environments.

Composability at its best: one currency to play them all.

And you can exchange it for Solana, of course.

We’re proudly working with:


Q1 2022

Jan 14th 2022

Release of
NFT Collection:
Meta Overlords
(Limited Edition
of 500)

Feb 26th 2022

Alpha Release
of IMSO Token

March 14th 2022

Release of
NFT Collection:
Meta Chimps OG
(Limited Edition
of 1150)

Q2 2022

Apr 15th 2022

Beta Release of
IMSO MultiFarm Staking Hub

May 9th 2022
May 20th 2022

Alpha Demo of
our first game: »Meta Chimp Champions«

May 30th 2022

Finished Minting of
NFT Collection:
Meta Chimps OG
(Limited Edition
of 1150)

Q3 / Q4 2022

IMSO Meta Chimps

Early July 2022

Release of NFT Collection:
Meta Chimps Standard Edition

July 2022

• Updated Game Beta

• Breeding for Overlords explained

Late July 2022

Breeding For Meta Overlords begins
(hint: Mendor + Creator required)

August 2022

  • White Paper 2.0
  • Rarity added to Customizer
  • Release of »Meta Chimp Champions«

Q3 2022

Avatar Generator
for Partnered Metaverses

Q3 2022

Free to play options with partnered projects

Q4 2022

imsoNFT DAO proposal for next
P2E game

Team &

Chris Reeves

Project Director

Founder of Rational AF & ImSoNFT,
financial literacy educator,
market analyst & trader

CH: @bitcoin_is_king

Scott Cromie

Lead Developer

Full Stack and Blockchain Developer

CH: @scromie

Saeed Noor

Blockchain Game Developer

Developer Games, Tech Art, Blockchain, Unreal, Unity, VR, Web 3.0

IG: @psyidnoor

Alexander Suchy

Creative Advisor

Creative Strategist

CH: @alexsuchy

Bernard Addo

3D Artist

Visual illustrator, Photographer, Videographer

IG: @bernardvaddo

Details & FAQ

Gaming Environment

Multiple Play 2 Earn games across Unity & Unreal Engine // Metaverse integration
(e.g. openGalaxy & Akasha)

Next NFT Release Date

Meta Chimps:
Late June 2022


Solana, planning and designing for future interoperability (DOT/ENJ)


Rational AF LLC

For a P2E gaming project to succeed, it needs to offer a fun and quality gaming experience, endless options to expand, reliable technology, fair and stable tokenomics – and of course a great community. We are able to deliver on all of these important elements because we bring the following factors to the table:

Our Expertise & Reputation

Unlike many NFT projects, our fully doxxed TEAM does not hide behind avatars and pseudonyms. We are a US-based company comprised of specialists with a shared vision.

Our team is spearheaded by our founder Chris Reeves. Chris is a competitive gamer, hardware technology specialist and professional market analyst with 8 years of blockchain experience.

The IMSO Universe + Strategic Partnerships

A key benfit of the IMSO gaming ecosystem is its remarkable STORY concept.

This story will spread over a large time span, with additional subplots being unveiled across multiple genres of gameplay.

IMSO also extends to multiple metaverses via strategic partnerships, incl. openGalaxy, the most ingenious and ambitious multichain metaverse we’ve ever encountered.

An Exceptional Community

Rational AF has forged relationships across the Solana, Ethereum and substrate blockchains that are hard to match. This empowers us to create the first truly open-ended multiverse experience.


How can I acquire one of your NFTs?
You need a Solana wallet like Phantom or Solflare. Transfer your SOL to the address of that wallet and then connect it to one of our minting pages. In case you need more detailed instructions, please ask us in our Discord.
Is it possible to get a refund on your NFTs?

Due to immutable blockchain technology refunds on blockchain purchases are not available. However, you can always sell your NFT at MagicEden.io

Why did you choose Solana for your project?
Most importantly for applications with a high data throughput like gaming: the performance (up to 50,000 transactions per second) and immutability.

Also: it’s not limited by solidity, the rust programming language allows for robust applications that are much more scalable.

Rust can also compile down to more complex languages.

Last but not least, Solana was developed with sustainabilty experts and is very energy efficient.

All of that makes Solana the best choice (by far) for high performing, interoperable and sustainable blockchain applications.

How do you make NFTs work across different games and metaverses?
We allow the collection token lists to be used within multiple web3 environments and we are also creating FBX models of our 3D avatars that are usable across the two most prominent game engines, Unitiy & Unreal Engine.
How is it possible that NFTs can travel across different blockchains?
Through using bridges and wrapping techniques being introduced by the substrate blockchain network.
Is there a token sale for OFFSPRING?

We had an ITO from the dedicated comunity fund via STRATA. This was a limited time offer in early March.

The OFFSPRING Tokenomics also include a 5% seed. We are still considering bids and offers from interested entities. For more information, suggestions or bids, please contact ir@imsonft.art

How do I get in touch with you if I have more questions?
You can shoot an email to hello@imsonft.io. It may however be quicker to ask one of our team or community members in the Rational AF public Discord or in one of our daily Clubhouse rooms.